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Kadawathamaduwa Dharmapala Junior School is situated in Dimbulagala Divisional Secretariat division closer to Welikanda area in Polonnaruwa district. This area has been categorized as a very difficult area by the government due to many economical, geographical and social problems.Economy is based on agriculture and majority of the dwellers are farmers .

Starting from the Pattiwella Primary School Project in year 2013, AidToSchools has been in to this humble effort with a determination, continuously backed by a bunch of big hearted people, filled with generosity and gentility. They have lent their hearts and hands in achieving this noble quest by donations and by various other means.

We have gathered the requirements of the students after discussing with the representatives of the school staff. Following is the rough budget of the project. .

Walk for Hospital Ward in Sri Lanka

On a previous occasion we raised in excess of £2800 to help build a Hospital ward at the Karapitiya General Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka..


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Scholarships Award (3rd Batch)

We are currently working on the 3rd batch of scholarships and looking for donors for the Scholarships students.


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Account Name : Aid To School 
Bank Name : HSBC (UK) 
Branch Sort Code: 40-24-17 
Account Number : 02556855
Account Name : Aid to School Children 
Bank Name : Sampath Bank (SL) 
Branch Name: Wellawatte 
Account Number : 103660999716

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